Why Flair


Flair academy’s curriculum is designed by Professionals for Professionals , and our training philosophy is aptly described by the adage “One who wears the shoes knows where it pinches”.

Our curriculum is all encompassing, conforms to Standardized Curricula (NBTE/City and Guilds), and is designed to use the simplest Training methods to achieve the best result in the shortest time possible.

Our courses, though structured, are flexible in terms of timing/duration and content and cuts across all age groups. Our Training Facilities are up to date and reflects the latest Industry Standards.

Benefits of Training with us includes that we:

  • We creates opportunities that lead to jobs with a future, personal achievements and educational advancement
  • We equip you with inimitable skills that immediately distinguish you, and makes you part of a prestigious clique of emerging Bespoke and Ready-to-Wear Designers that are taking the world by storm.
  • We fuel your passions and give you opportunities to live your dreams
  • We stimulate and promote possibility thinking and give you opportunities to continually re-invent your skills
  • We create pathways to assist our Graduates access funding from Partner Organizations.