The Diary of Zuri and Laila

Meet Zuri and LailaHi, my name is Laila. I’m an identical twin. My sister’s name is Zuri. Daddy was so captivated by our beauty at birth that he decided to give us the names that mean ‘dark beauty’ in Arabic and Hawaiian respectively. We showcase products of Flair Academy. The only difference between us in appearance is a little birthmark in a place I won’t show you. Here’s a picture of us at an event. I’m the one in the flowing red dress made by a student of Flair academy. Zuri is wearing an exquisite Ankara dress, also made by a student of Flair Academy.You may be wondering why we are blogging. We really just need to share our experiences with you and let you in on what we see and observe, ‘cos we actually notice a lot in our surroundings, though people are not aware of that. They are mostly only concerned about what we are wearing or what lovely skin we have.

We’ve always nursed the hopes of becoming high class models….oh, the dreams and aspirations we’ve had, while waiting in at the accessories shop that’s just a turn off Al-Haramain perfumery at the heart of Deira Market in Dubai. However, there was an interesting turn of events. One cool morning, a well-groomed lady, obviously a woman of means, walked up to us with a proposition to go to Nigeria and be a part of a prestigious organization, blazing a trail in the world of fashion. We were so excited! While our boxes were being prepared, we raved about all the fun we will have in Nigeria. Two days later, we boarded the Emirates aircraft and landed at the Murtala Mohammed airport in Lagos.

The trip to Abuja was exhausting but exhilarating, and today we hold the place of pride at the entrance of Flair Academy and get to welcome everyone that comes in. Not exactly our dream… but close enough. The best part of it all is that we get to meet all kinds of interesting people and learn all sorts of exciting and fun things every day.

Well, just for a brief introduction…we would love to hear from you! Thanks for reading our blog.