Tailors Upgrade Programme

In late 2014, Flair Academy took on an unprecedented challenge by initiating a tailor’s upgrade scheme. Recognizing a prevailing need in the industry for specialized tailors with top-notch skills, 10 tailors were engaged for the program. Over an intensive 6 weeks period, the tailors had to unlearn bad habits and faulty fundamentals and adjust their training to meet up with correct premises and solid foundations. Tailoring skills were finely tuned; finishing skills were relearnt from ‘soup to nuts’.

In the end their work speaks of the success of the program. Beyond just improving and upgrading their skills, these fortunate groups were also imbued with proper business work ethics so as to break out the ‘ever late’ tailor cliché.

Nigeria is blessed with amazing talents and it requires just the vision and drive as shown here at Flair Academy to lift any tailor from ordinary to outstanding.

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