How to make soft furnishings

Like any other business, understanding what you doing is important to success, so what is soft furnishing?

Soft furnishings” are fabrics used for decorating a home, ‘i.e.’ curtains and furniture that is upholstered over padding, filling or stuffing such as foam, foam chips, polyester filling, etc.

The upholstery may be fabric, leather or even vinyl. The piece of furniture may be a chair, sofa, ottoman, stool whatever, but it would be padded or stuffed and upholstered. You can also consider large floor pillows, even though they have no framing involved, as “soft furnishings”. It includes pieces you sit on, lie on, and put your feet up on.

What you need

  • Basically you need sewing machine
  • a cutting table
  • Essentially you will need skills in pattern making and sewing, with this you ready for it.
  • contact us for the skill

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