Basic Facts about Dress Making

  1. Do you know there are methods of taking measurements for normal and abnormal figures and how to record them?
  2. Do you there are principles of making of making patterns, laying it out on a fabric and cutting out on your own without the help of your tailor or fashion designer.
  3. You should also know that there are numerous methods of handling different fabrics, such as cotton, fur, woolen printed fabrics. Etc.
  4. Do you know there are so many ways of ironing that is and ways of pressing your fabrics that is right (preshrinking).
  5. Please be ware of different body sizes and human figures (normal and abnormal, i.e. erect, stooping, and semi-corpulent) the human figures and shape are of the – hour glass shape, pear shape and shape.
  6. There are so many types of garments you can learn to sew both for domestic and commercial purpose from start to finishing (from measuring, cutting to sewing).

Those garments include;
Casual wears
Jeans wear
Sports wear
Night wears
Swimming wears
Under wears
Evening wears
Bridal wear
Tailored wear and
Outer wears.

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