Enquiries may be made over the phone on +2348172023850, +234817202385 or online: Intending students may also walk in to the Academy for information concern the admission process. Our Client Service officers are ever ready to help answer your question and give necessary assistance.


An application form is obtained for a fee from the Admissions office. The Application for Admission form should be filled out with assistance from the Academy’s advisors.


Personal Counselling may takes place at the Academy between the hours of 9 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. with an Admission Specialist/Counsellor facilitating the admissions process.

The object is to:

  • Provide the intending student additional information about vocational training programs, and Personal Counseling on Course choices based on interests, goals, and abilities.
  • Enable the Counselor conduct a simple theoretical test (for entry level Diploma in Fashion Design or Interior Design) or practical test (for intermediate and advance level courses) respectively to determine readiness to enter the program they are interested in. Testing dates and time can be scheduled with the Academy’s Counselor over the phone or in person.
  • Give the intending student an Admission letter confirming their choice or otherwise based on results from the Counseling session
  • Help intending student complete the admissions process with the help of the Admission Specialist.

Step 4 – TUITION

Please contact the Registration officer for current tuition rates or see attached Calendar for 2013 – 2014. Payment invoice should be obtained from the admission office to facilitate payment.

Step 5 – PAYMENT

Payments should be made only to Flair Academy accounts. Call: +2348172023850, +234817202385  or check registration forms for Account Information.


Registration is the official process of enrolling a student into specific programs. Students must complete this process before attending class. Students register upon completion of the admission process, paying their fees and meeting the academic requirements for program entry.
Requirements for registration:

  • A Registration form is obtained directly from the registration officer, the form filled as directed, and submitted along with the following:
  • Copy of the Admission letter
  • Teller indicating payment of fees.
  • 2 passport photograph
  • Photo ID card
  • Secondary School leaving Certificate or equivalent for Diploma Students